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Serving our Community for over 90 years.

We are business people, parents, medical professionals, students, tradesmen, construction workers and retailers. We are your friends and neighbors.


These are just some of the day jobs of the people who are the  Shark River Hills Fire Company. We are made up of a few dozen hard-working, dedicated community members who want to do their part in the community.


The Fire Company was founded in 1928 by a group of local volunteers who realized that fire protection was needed in the quick growing Shark River section of Neptune Township. Oer the years the fire company and fire house have evolved into the fire company of today.


Shark River Hills is one of four fire companies in Neptune Township. We averaged 400+ calls last year, from alarms to house fires. Our membership is dedicated and train countless hours in fire protection, as well as other fields incuding technical rescue and Hadardous Material response.


The fire sevice is continually growing, and with that help is always needed, We are always ready to welcome a new face, and are always ready to bring a new member into our family.

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