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Our Story

The Shark River Hills Fire Company story began in 1928. A group of Shark River residents saw the need for fire protection in the fast growing neighborhood. The group met in Barney Wrights store on South Riverside Drive, and officially founded the Fire Company on December 26, 1928. The Fire Company charter was written with the help of the Company attorney, James Carton, and on January 3 1929, the members of the Company attended the monthly meeting of the Neptune Board of Fire Commissioners, and officially became a part of the Neptune Fire District. 

The Fire Company kept its first truck, in the garage located at Barney Wrights store, where they also held their meetings. The original fire alarm was located here as well, an iron ring that members would hit with a hammer to alert the others when there was a call.

In 1933, a special building fund was created at the monthly meeting. The Shark River Hills Company donated the land, on the corner of Brighton Avenue and Durand Road. Official construction of the building began on April 15 1934, when the members began clearing the property. On October 1, the members reported to Barney Wrights store to move the apparatus to the new building. 


Bill Sekel, M.J. Brown, Bill Hoffman, and Elwood Seeds - All veteran members of the Fire Company

With the entry of US forces into World War 2, many residents of Shark River Hills served our country, including many Shark River Firemen. During this time, our original chemical truck was replaced with a Ford Truck equipped with a booster tank. A second truck was added in 1942. These trucks served the neighborhood for many years. in 1948, a second addition to the firehouse began, to make room for the growing Company. the Fire Company's roster continued to grow with men returning from the War, and records show that there was 85 members in good standing on the roster. In the 1960s, the company received new trucks from the Board of Fire Commissioners, a Ford pumper, and a Maxim pumper. at this time a third addition to the firehouse began, with the construction of the Banquet Hall. This addition became vital to the fire company, and many organizations used it in addition to Company events.

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