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Becoming a firefighter is rewarding. When you become one, it is your job to assist our neighbors, visitors and all people during their time of need.


We expect our members to bring something to the fire company – skills, enthusiasm, positive attitude, desire to be a part of a team. 

When you become a member of our Company, you are expected to respond to fires and other emergency calls. In addition we attend fire training, drills, classes, and maintain our building and trucks. We hold fundraisers, and support Community events throughout town. 

Our members have a unique family style vibe. As a member, you will be gaining a second family. We hold social events regularly, and always help each other when life gets hard. It is an added bonus to joining this great team.

As Members, it is our responsibility to respond to all calls, but during the overnight hours, a duty crew ensures that we will be responding to all calls that we are dispatched on.

  • Each member is responsible to be available to respond to fire calls between 9pm and 5am.

  • You may choose which night(s) suite your schedule.

  • If you need to switch a night or have someone cover your duty crew, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.

  • Members are required to stay overnight at the firehouse for duty crew shifts.

Once you join, we will send you through the FireFighter 1 Basic Training Program at the Monmouth County Fire Academy. This free program will teach you the basics to being a firefighter, and we will show you the rest you need to know on your journey with us.

If you are interested in joining, and becoming part of something special, click the link below to get the application process started!

Questions? email for more information!

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